A new way to build conservatories & extensions

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The future of home development

Total flexibility

Precision Home Improvements has teamed up with hup! to put you in control to ensure you get the perfect extension, conservatory, garden home or transformation that brings out the best in your home. We are proud to offer bespoke designs, giving you a stunning choice of windows, doors, and walls.

Five x faster completion

At Precision Home Improvements, we can install hup! quickly and efficiently thanks to its rapid connection technology. We can complete your new home transformation much earlier than it would take for a traditional build.

Five x more thermally efficient

hup! offers an outstanding level of energy efficiency for your new conservatory, garden home or extension. This helps you reduce your reliance on central heating or air conditioning, and ultimately contribute to cutting your energy bills over the long term while reducing your carbon footprint.

Market leading quality

hup! is the result of decades of engineering expertise and excellence. The best design practices have been refined to achieve the highest standard of quality for your living space. Improve your quality of living with a hup! transformation - quality that speaks for itself.

No fuss installation

Precision Home Improvements offer a dedicated team to construct your stunning new hup! transformation, garden home, extension or conservatory. That means that we provide top quality experts on site, who can install quickly, efficiently and with no fuss.

60% More Carbon Efficient

hup! is 60% more carbon efficient than a brick wall with zero waste in production and no site waste to dispose of. Ongoing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are also lower than a brick wall, thanks to its superior thermal performance.

hup! technology explained

hup! employs state-of-the-art revolutionary technology to advance the construction process of home transformations. This makes the whole experience faster and more convenient for homeowners, who benefit from a top quality build that lasts for decades. hup! is five times faster to construct and fives times more energy efficient - it's the ideal home solution for new conservatories, garden homes, and extensions. Discover how hup! can transform your life.

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hup! conservatory transformations

Transform your home and unlock its full potential with hup! and Precision Home Improvements. You'll enjoy a new living space that enhances your quality of living and adds value to your Dorset home.

hup! extensions

Increase your Dorset home's value with a stunning new extension that you can enjoy all year round. hup! is a game changer for home extensions.

hup! conservatories

Design your very own hup! conservatory that meets all your requirements. Enjoy natural light and experience top level insulation every day of the year.

hup! garden homes

Make the most of your garden and outdoor space with striking hup! garden home. Ideal for entertaining, working or hosting, additional garden rooms can add value and functionality to your Dorset home.

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