Maximizing the natural light available
from the sun

Orangery companies in Bournemouth

Welcome to home improvements redefined, your journey with one of the best orangery companies in Bournemouth begins here.

We offer a unique hybrid system, a blend of classic orangeries and modern extensions. You enjoy sunlight warmth and insulated comfort.

Orangeries are additions defined by their glass features, letting ample natural light into your living space. Once, they housed citrus trees during winter. Now, they are trendy living space extensions, enabling all year round enjoyment of surroundings.

Our hybrid system maximises available sunlight, making your orangery brighter, larger, and open. Experience a natural light enhancement so profound that you forget you’re indoors.

This system also functions as an extension, complete with insulated pelmets. Enjoy your space across seasons, with insulation ensuring winter warmth and summer coolness.

Proud to be one of the top orangery companies in Bournemouth, we deliver innovative designs and quality workmanship. Your dream orangery is within reach with us.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Contact us today to make your extraordinary vision a reality. We’re committed to delivering spaces that enhance your home and life quality. Have a look at how Living rooms are transformed by Ultraframe conservatories.

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Insulated Perimeter Pelmets

  • Able to house a range of spotlights and speaker options to homeowner preference.
  • Available in variable widths of 300mm to 1200mm fitted to room proportions.
  • Easily colour matched to suit a wide range of property styles and personal tastes.
  • Reduces heat loss around the eaves beam which can also be filled with insulation.
  • Can also be used from 15-40 degree pitches.

External Decorative Cornice

  • Works to tidy up the roof and frame interface, hiding roof bar end caps, gutters, brackets, and trims.
  • Available in One, Two, Three Tier or curved cornice option to help suit more properties.
  • Curved design includes a die cast 135 and 90 degree corner cover as well as straight joiners.
  • One, Two, and Three tier cornice only include 90 degree corners and straight joiners.
  • Available in four standard colours or any RAL Colour, matching windows and doors.

Super Insulated Columns

Super-insulated columns will stop your conservatory, orangery or house extension from becoming too cold to use during the winter months, while also providing a range of other benefits.

They help to create that much-coveted ‘real room’ feel to the design, enabling you to insert lights and speakers and your room to be even more thermally efficient.

By choosing super-insulated columns over brick piers, you’ll be creating an exciting range of design options that’ll ensure your new room stands out.

  • Sizing can be large or small, full height or sat on a low brickwork wall.
  • 5 Times more thermally efficient than brick piers of a equivalent size.
  • Colour matched to Windows and Doors through the full RAL spectrum.

Insulated Column Orangery

Create a space as individual as you are. Whether your home is modern or traditional, selecting from the Loggia range will enhance your property and complement it perfectly.

Loggia Orangeries have exceptional thermal efficiency and delivers FIVE times the insulation of brickwork meaning you can have more glass, allow more light into your room and still meeting building regulations.

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