Revitalised Porch, Double Glazing uPVC Project in Poole

Revitalised Porch,Double Glazing, uPVC Project in Poole

Our team recently undertook an exciting project in Poole, where we rejuvenated a well worn, two decade old porch with fresh life and superior functionality. Replacing it with a A Rated Double glazing and uPVC Frames and Roof in Poole.

Assessing the Old Porch

The porch we replaced had served its time. The previous owner installed it roughly 20 years ago and, though it was built solidly, the elements had taken a toll on it. Damages from water penetration had compromised the porch’s integrity, causing the timbers to rot and leaks to develop on the roof. Additionally, non safety glass installations posed a risk, and during winter, the porch struggled with condensation and dampness.

Replacing with Double Glazing uPVC Superior Porch

However, all that is now in the past. We replaced the outdated porch with an ultra modern setup that elevates the look of the entire property. The new construction comprises an A-rated uPVC door, a side light, and two windows, all designed for enhanced functionality. The customer opted for a letterplate in the sidelight for added convenience.

Upgraded Roofing and Security

Our team went beyond structural upgrades, adding an Ultraframe lean-to roof with polycarbonate sheets and new lead flashing.

This not only improved the appearance but also added durability.  We enhanced security by installing a multipoint locking system on the door and obscured toughened A-rated double-glazed sealed units.

Long-Term Customer Relationships

This project was for a returning customer. Moreover, we had previously installed a rear uPVC door. Additionally, we installed a new conservatory for the customer’s daughter.  These long-term relationships are a testament to the quality of our work and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

With escalating energy bills, improving homes with energy-efficient installations is crucial. Therefore, we incorporated double or triple glazed windows and doors to keep the home cooler during summer and block out the cold during winter.

Why Choose Us

We are proud to be the go to company for replacement double glazing or triple glazing uPVC and Aluminium windows, doors, conservatories, and replacement roofs in Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch areas. We prioritise our customers’ requirements and ensure a smooth journey with us from the start of the project to its completion.

Contact Us

For your next project, please fill out our enquiry form, and we can arrange a time to discuss the details at your convenience.

We have worked on similar projects in the past, where customers were highly impressed with the outcome. With our experienced team of installers, we guarantee a seamless installation process with minimal time spent on site and top tier construction. Contact us today for your home improvement needs.

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